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Airsign is a product maker that knows that products in the home can look good, work well, and last long. Along with Brooklyn-based studio High Tide, the brand and digital storefront for Airsign was created.

Airsign – Tyler McRobertAirsign – Tyler McRobert

Airsign's first flagship product, The Airsign Vacuum, is a supremely powerful, beautifully simple, sustainable, and affordable vacuum. The website design strategy was to create a confident, yet no-frills experience. We needed something that successfully told the Airsign story while letting the vacuum shine.

Because the Airsign Vaccum is a truly different product than anything currently on the market, we had to get creative to explain the many aspets of the product. This meant sometimes stepping outside the standard ecommerce experience

The web build mirrored Airsign's philosophy of building products thoughtfully and having the inside be as beautiful as the outside.

The web development was created by building an entirely custom website from the ground up using modern tools, rather than creating a Shopify template which can lead to editorial limitations. This approach highly elevated the brand experience by allowing full control over the site's look and feel, internals, and brand content.

Airsign – Tyler McRobert
Airsign – Tyler McRobert